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J.Views – Into The Light [feat. Wild Cub]


[Αυτή η ανάρτηση είναι διαθέσιμη και σε Ελληνικά]

Behind the name J.Views is the producer Jonathan Dagan from New York. Under the name J.Views, Dagan has release three albums, which in all have worked with other singers and musicians. His last album was released last year titled “401 Days”. He initiated the creation of it two years ago, through his website (The DNA Project), in which a fan could monitor every step of creation of the album, but could also participate interactively in it.

The track “Into The Light”, which looks like it sprang from a 80’s time capsule and you can listen to it below, is included in the “401 Days” and featuring Wild Cub (vocals).

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