Ghost Of Resonance

It’s not everyday something commands your attention. The web is a noisy place and few things resonate beyond a keystroke – especially when it comes to music. But one day something caught the ear of guitarist Cliff Carino. Surfing the web he stumbled upon Ziv, an LA singer-songwriter with an established reputation in the city’s vast music scene. Carino explains, “His style caught my attention and I realized it was something that could compliment the guitar parts I had written. So I reached out.”

The result? Ghost of Resonance. An alt-rock studio project between the pair that borrows from the past and incorporates a modern spin. Bringing to mind bands like Peter Gabriel, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Coldplay, M83, and Kings of Leon. Ghost of Resonance is 80s-inspired with a millennial touch. The foundation located at the intersection of alternative and soft rock – familiar territory for both musicians.

Knowing their way around the genres is how they’ve been able to collaborate successfully from different cities. Although Carino lives in San Antonio and Ziv now in Nashville, the two operate on a similar frequency. And it makes for a smooth writing process.

Carino lays the groundwork on guitar and creates the concept; Ziv runs with the rest – adding in vocals, additional guitar and piano from his studio. And already the duo have several tracks written. A powerful collaboration between two lifelong musicians, Ghost of Resonance channels the phantoms of alt-rock’s past and reawakes them for a modern era.

Ghost Of Resonance recently release their first song. The song is titled “Second To None” and you can listen to it below.

You can find Ghost Of Resonance on Facebook and on CD Baby.

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